by Emerging Response

Realtime Situational Awareness

Public Safety Information, Shared

Safety officials increasingly need more information during emergencies. IncidentAlly provides incident information across agencies, creating a more complete operational picture.

Credible Sources

Radio transmissions provide trusted information, directly from responders both internally and across agencies. Every incident includes links to related audio for verification and ongoing info.

Heads-Up Information

The IncidentAlly Dashboard provides immediate information and drill-downs into incidents relevant to your organization

Immediate Alerts

Alerts sent straight to your Inbox as soon as First Responders arrive on scene.

Mobile Ready

IncidentAlly is ready to use, on your desktop, laptop, operations monitor or mobile device. Access continues via the Internet, regardless of radio system coverage.

Advanced Speech Recognition

Using the latest research, our team from MIT built a custom speech recognition engine tailored specifically to emergency radio transmissions. Processing over 500,000 transmissions each day, IncidentAlly continuously recognizes incidents at all hours. Licensing opportunities are available via our Partnerships team.

World-Class Team

Dedicated to helping people, the Emerging Response team combines cutting edge technology with a perspective of over 40 years of experience in Public Safety and Security. Request a demo today!